Meet Eva


I am a therapeutic bodyworker for people who want to alleviate chronic pain naturally.  I use alignment, corrective movement and massage that re-pattern your body so you can stay active and live your best life!

I can empathize because we all experience physical pain at some point in life.  My own journey began in high school with bodily aches and pains, daily tension headaches and digestive issues. I didn't feel young and spritely like a teenager should. These issues continued well into my college years.  The years rolled by and I obtained a Masters in Acupuncture- trained in acupuncture, Chinese Bodywork (Tui-Na) and cupping therapy from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, all in hopes of helping myself and others.

Then, I hit the pause button on my professional course, took time off to get married and raise two sons and a daughter who are full of wit and and full of life.  As they grew older, I reclaimed some of my time and eventually graduated from California Holistic Institute (SLO) in 2018, became a California certified massage therapist and opened up shop.  The path that began many years ago in acupuncture school in Arizona and then moving to Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and back to California, finally culminated in me finding my niche! My passion is resolving chronic pain.

As for my own health journey, my chronic pains have shifted; some have resolved and others have surfaced.  The key to pain management lies in the variety of of therapies I seek out and getting strong, developing better muscle tone.  I love regular treatments of acupuncture, chiropractic, cupping and of course bodywork of all types!  Not to mention, emotional and psychological issues that the body stores must be addressed.  The care for our bodies always calls for the holistic approach.

When I'm not working, you can find me hiking in the Irish Hills, listening to podcasts on business development & self-growth, working on mastering Pilates, reading and browsing for something good to watch.  Lately, I'm working diligently on changing old thought patterns and forming better ones.  I plan to age gracefully and stay super active!

My goal is to help you break free of your chronic pain cycle and feel better.  I want you to get the relief and solution that body re-patterning and bodywork can offer. When you feel less pain, you move freer, sleep better and stay active.

You can get back to strolling on the beach, hiking that challenging but gorgeous trail, walking up and down that steep neighborhood hill, gardening  and weeding or taking care of your cute and active grandchildren.

I look forward to our partnership.  Good health to you!

"Seriously, thank you for yesterday because it really helped unlock a lot of muscles and you did an excellent job hitting some key trigger points. It was worth every penny and some! Thank you so much for the work you did yesterday!"


 Cory, local high school teacher