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Scroll to the bottom of the page to view a demo video of fire cupping.

What is cupping?


First of all, this therapy uses silicone cups, vacuum cups or glass cups to do the job.  Cupping is a bodywork technique that employs negative pressure or suction on the soft tissues and muscles to lift and create space within your fascia and muscle fibers.  It feels wonderful on your neck, back, glutes, legs and arms - essentially the entire body!


What are the benefits?


  • Loosens adhesions and restrictions allowing for more range of motion

  • Brings blood and lymph flow to stagnant areas thus decreasing your pain level

  • Drains excess fluids and reduces swelling; removes toxins

  • Engages your parasympathetic nervous system allowing your body to relax deeply


What is the origin?


This healing modality is one of the oldest forms of medical treatments dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Africans, Aztecs and more.


What are those marks?


Those marks are NOT bruises as no damage was inflicted upon the blood 

vessels. These marks are the vestiges of toxins, cell waste, stagnant lymph and blood.  They fade away within a few hours to two weeks.  The colors range from light pink to dark red and purple.


Does it hurt?


No.  Under the hands of a skilled therapist, your cupping session should feel good!


"The results were incredible.  Cupping helped to relieve the pressure in my joints.  Immediately after my session, I experienced relief.  I was blown away by how quickly I felt the results.  Eva is an excellent bodyworker.  She really listens."

Amanda, local music teacher

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