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Each session is unique and tailored to your specific complaints and goals.  

Each session includes some or all the following, in no specific order:

  • Assessment of your spinal alignment (This is not chiropractic related)

  • Repatterning your muscles 

  • Strengthening your intrinsic core muscles.  (These intrinsic core muscles may not get worked out when you hit the gym or do sit-ups so it's important to work them out another way.)

  • Bodywork/massage/cupping and more

Your session is a combination of active participation and bodywork/massage. By actively participating in each session, your body will improve in its function and your pain will lessen.  You will learn tools that will last a lifetime and stay a step ahead of the pain!


Intro Super Session     75-90min     $145     

(First time clients only)

-The session begins with a detailed discussion about your complaint, relevant health history and your goals.  

-Then I proceed to assess the imbalance of your spine and pelvis then introduce you to techniques for optimal spinal alignment when sitting, standing and moving. 

-Next, corrective movement exercises that strengthen your intrinsic core muscles are practiced so you can integrate them into your daily life and repattern your body. 

-Hands-on techniques are implemented to release or re-activate the culpable muscles.   Bodywork/massage, cupping, gua-sha and trigger point techniques may be applied.  


 For more info on cupping therapy, click the "Cupping" tab on the menu bar.


All subsequent sessions  

All subsequent sessions build upon on what was started in the introductory session.  Your visits come to an end once we have accomplished your goal and resolved the chief complaint.  That is good news, indeed.

Three different session lengths are offered to accommodate your schedule

and budget.

Super Sixty       60 min        $125   (add 10min for discussion)

Super Duper     75 min        $155   (add 10min for discussion)

Uber Super       90min         $185   (add 10min for discussion)



We work on optimal alignment for posture when sitting, standing and walking.  Optimal alignment means your muscles will work properly to support you and you can move with minimal pain and restrictions.

Prenatal Yoga

Corrective movement exercises and muscle repatterning and strengthening techniques are tailored for you to practice and integrate into your daily routine to ensure your muscles function optimally and you move through your day with ease.

The bodywork (or hands-on) portion aims to create better movement capacity and reset any old patterns so you can keep a steady hold of the optimal alignment you worked hard to achieve.

There will be some sessions when we decide massage and cupping are the perfect therapies because your body simply needs to relax and decompress.


"Your detailed understanding of muscle and bone structure, the way you convince my stubborn body to stretch into alignment, also how you take the time to teach posture techniques and mindfulness.  All of it makes my day to day life better.  You relieve chronic pain."                                                                                                            Nancy, a local author

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