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  • ​Are you experiencing chronic low back pain due to sitting for long stretches of time?

  • Are you slouching too much when working at your computer and feeling intense muscle fatigue in your low back?

  • Is the shooting pain from your hip down your leg distracting you from your work?

  • Or is the chronic hip pain affecting the quality of your sleep?

  • Are you wanting to exhaust all alternatives before choosing surgery?

If your chronic low back and hip pain greatly affects your work day and disrupts your daily activities, then you have come to the right place.  Through our partnership, we will strive to free you from the cycle of chronic pain.

Welcome to San Luis Chronic Pain Therapies.  My goal is to address your pain at its source so you can stay active, continue to work hard and live your best life!

Throughout our partnership, we will use a holistic approach of active muscle repatterning, trigger point technique, cupping, massage, muscle active release technique and more to rebalance your posture and muscles towards optimal function.

This pain relief method addresses the root of your pain and gives you tools that will last a lifetime!









What are the benefits?

  • Be more productive at work

  • Feeling strong in your core and back

  • Break the vicious cycle of pain 

  • Lower stress levels and feel happier

  • Sleep better

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An Intro To The Concept Of...













Muscles work together in groups and in opposites of each other.  All muscles must keep a baseline tension called tone.  Pain develops when this

equilibrium is disturbed and some muscles carry too much tension and others carry too little.  For instance, if you have a lot of tension in your

low back and hips it is very likely that your core muscles and hip flexors don't have enough tension.  As a consequence, pain develops.

To address this pain, it is crucial to make sure your spine and pelvis are in optimal alignment then begin to strengthen muscles especially your intrinsic core musculature, so the body regains balance.  It is from this standpoint that you will move with little or no pain. 

By shedding unhealthy movement patterns and developing healthy ways of moving in all your activities, you will achieve optimal balance.  You will have a new way of using and feeling connected to your body and feel confident that you won't injure yourself.  You will feel empowered.

Image credit: From Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel

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