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  • Is your chronic pain interfering with your daily activities?

  • Does your chronic pain stop you from enjoying your hobbies or outdoor fun?

  • Are you ready to be a partner in your healing journey?

If your pain greatly affects your quality of life or disrupts your daily activities, then you have come to the right place.  We help people to break free from the cycle of chronic pain.

Welcome to San Luis Chronic Pain Therapies.  Our goal is to address your pain at its source so you can stay active and live your best life!

Throughout our partnership, we will use alignment, movement and bodywork to help make changes towards optimal body function.

This pain relief method addresses the root of your pain and gives you tools that will last a lifetime!



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"Your detailed understanding of muscle and bone structure, the way you convince my stubborn body to stretch into alignment, also how you take the time to teach posture techniques and mindfulness.  All of it makes my day to day life better.  You relieve chronic pain."                                        

                                                                                               Nancy, a local author

Services & Rates


Each session is unique and tailored to your specific complaints and goals.  

Each session includes assessment of your alignment, implementing corrective exercises to re-pattern your muscles and therapeutic massage and bodywork. 

(Massage and bodywork may include trigger point work, deep tissue massage, cupping, gua-sha, stretching etc.)   

For info on cupping click "Cupping " on the Menu Bar

 This is not your traditional spa massage; you are not on the massage table the entire session.  Rather, our methods include alignment, corrective movement exercises and massage/bodywork.

By actively participating in each session, your body will improve in its function and your pain will lessen.  You will learn tools that will last a lifetime.

Super Sixty    60 minutes       $125

Super Duper  75 minutes       $155

Uber Super    90 minutes       $185


We work on optimal alignment for posture when sitting, standing and walking.  Optimal alignment means your muscles will work properly to support you and you can move with minimal pain and restrictions.

Prenatal Yoga

Corrective movement exercises and muscle strengthening are tailored for you to practice and integrate into your daily routine to ensure your muscles function optimally.


The massage and bodywork portion aims to create better movement capacity so you can ease into optimal alignment.

See what others have to say about my work.  Take a glance at my Google reviews here.

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Ready to work together?
Contact me to experience pain relief and get back to living your best life!

211 Tank Farm Rd  Ste A

San Luis Obispo CA  93401

Inside Precision Physical Therapy and Wellness

(Masks are required.)

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