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Get ready to say "adios" to your pain.

WELCOME  to your place for pain relief.  San Luis Chronic Pain Therapies strives to kick your pain to the curb and get back feeling good! 

We help people experiencing that nagging pain in your neck that works its way into your back right between the shoulder blades,

the knot in your shoulder that just screams at you throughout the day,

the tweak in the neck from sleeping funny,

or persistent pain from years of desk & computer work and prolonged usage of smartphones and tablets

 or major tension caused by stress that's giving you a gnarly headache.


Services and Rates


For FAQ on cupping scroll down.



This session targets your neck, shoulders and upper back.  If time allows, some attention is focused on your other muscle group leaving you feeling balanced and relaxed.



Extra attention is given to the intricate muscles of your neck and more time on your upper, mid and low back.  A healthy dose of time is spent soothing your other muscle groups and you might find yourself sleeping like a baby that night.



This session allows ample time to work out knots in your neck and upper back, and get rid of that headache, if you have one.  More time means more time melting and soothing those pesky knots. The other muscle groups also get a lot of attention here.

 Meet Eva


San Luis Chronic Pain Therapies strives to serve residents of the Central Coast who experience persistent pain in the neck and back. 

This business was established in 2018 first in San Luis Obispo, CA. 

In addition to therapeutic massages, cupping, gua-sha (or scraping) and assisted stretching are offered. The aim is always to reduce pain and stress while promoting relaxation. I want to help you work through the pain and keep your body happy.

My name is Eva Malama, a graduate of California Holistic Institute, SLO, CA and a California certified massage therapist CMT #77615.  I also earned a Masters in Oriental Medicine and trained in Chinese bodywork in 2006 and a certification in cupping therapy in 2017.

Cupping 101

Your Questions, Answered

What is cupping?

It is a bodywork technique that employs negative pressure or suction on the soft tissues and muscles to lift and create space within your fascia and muscle fibers.  It feels wonderful on your shoulders and back!

What are the benefits?

  • Loosens adhesions and restrictions allowing for more range of motion

  • Brings blood and lymph flow to stagnant areas thus decreasing your pain level

  • Drains excess fluids and reduces swelling; removes toxins

  • Engages your parasympathetic nervous system allowing your body to relax deeply

What is the origin?

This healing modality is one of the oldest forms of medical treatments dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Africans, Aztecs and more.

What are those marks?

Those marks are NOT bruises as no damage was inflicted upon the blood 
vessels. These marks are the vestiges of toxins, cell waste, stagnant lymph and blood.  They fade away within a few hours to two weeks.  The colors range from light pink to dark red and purple.

Does it hurt?

No.  Under the hands of a skilled therapist, your cupping session should feel good!



"The results were incredible.  Cupping helped to relieve the pressure in my joints.  Immediately after my session I experienced relief.  I was blown away by how quickly I felt the results.  Eva is an excellent bodyworker.  She really listens."

Amanda, local music teacher

"I have suffered from recurring neck, should and back pain for many years.  Eva showed a sincere desire to properly treat my issues.  She performed massage and cupping.  Honestly, I felt a significant degree of relief that same day."

Mariela, local resident and volunteer

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San Luis Chronic Pain Therapies
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