• Do you carry stress in your neck and shoulders and feel those knots hardening?

  • Do you have chronic low back pain and feel constant tension between your shoulder blades?

  • Do you sit all day working at your desk and feel the nagging tightness in your low back and calf muscles?

  • Do your hips or legs ache when you are trying to sleep?


If your pain greatly affects your quality of life or disrupts your daily activities, then you have come to the right place.  I help people break free from the cycle of chronic pain.

Welcome to your place for pain relief. San Luis Chronic Pain Therapies strives to help you move freer and feel better! Let's begin our partnership in your healing journey.

(We are COVID-19 compliant and disinfecting protocols are followed. Masks are required.)


"I have suffered from recurring neck, shoulders and back pain for many years.  Eva showed a sincere desire to properly treat my issues.  She performed massage and cupping.  Honestly, I felt a significant degree of relief that same day."

Mariela, local resident and volunteer



Every session may include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, trigger point work, use of the Electric Point Stimulator, stretching and/or Gua-Sha. 

Prices are all-inclusive.

(To learn about cupping, click on Cupping 101 in the Menu Bar.)


For info on cupping click "Cupping 101" on the Menu Bar.



This session targets your upper or lower body depending on your request.  If time allows or if you choose it, attention is given to your other muscle groups leaving you feeling balanced and relaxed.



Extra attention is given to the intricate muscles of your neck and more time on your upper, mid and low back.  A healthy dose of time is spent soothing your other muscle groups and scalp, hands and feet.



This session allows ample time to work out knots in your neck and upper back, and rid yourself of that headache. More time means more time melting and soothing those pesky knots in your shoulders, low back or legs. The other muscle groups also get a lot of attention here-from head to toe!


"The results were incredible.  Cupping helped to relieve the pressure in my joints.  Immediately after my session, I experienced relief.  I was blown away by how quickly I felt the results.  Eva is an excellent bodyworker.  She really listens."

Amanda, local music teacher


Meet Eva


I can empathize because we all experience pain at some point in life.  My own journey began in high school with bodily aches and pains, daily tension headaches and digestive issues. I didn't feel young and spritely like a teenager should. These issues continued well into my college years.  The years rolled by and I obtained a Masters in Acupuncture, Chinese Bodywork (Tui-Na) and cupping therapy from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (2002-06) all in hopes of helping myself and others.

Then, I hit the pause button on my professional course, took time off to get married and raise three witty and good-hearted children in five different states.  As they grew older, I reclaimed some of my time and eventually graduated from California Holistic Institute- SLO in 2018 and became a California certified massage therapist and opened up shop!

When I'm not working, you can find me hiking in the Irish Hills, listening to podcasts on business development and self-growth, reading Massage& Bodywork and Entrepreneur magazines, or working on my "Pilates 100" and streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.  Looking into the future, in my golden years, I plan to run the senior marathon and joyously create works of art!


My goal is to help you break free of your chronic pain cycle and feel better.  I want you to get the relief that regular bodywork and massage can offer. When you feel less pain, you move freer, sleep better and stay active.

You can get back to strolling on the beach, hiking that challenging but gorgeous trail, walking up and down that steep neighborhood hill, gardening and weeding the flower bed or taking care of your cute and active grandchildren.

I look forward to our partnership towards your good health!


"Seriously, thank you for yesterday because it really helped unlock a lot of muscles and you did an excellent job hitting some key trigger points. It was worth every penny and some! Thank you so much for the work you did yesterday!"


 Cory, local high school teacher
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