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Movement is life.

My goal is to help you break free of your chronic pain cycle and move better.  I want you to get the relief that muscle repatterning and massage+bodywork can offer so you can stay active and live your best life!

Hi! I'm Eva.

I can empathize because we all experience physical pain at some point in life.  My own journey began in high school. Young and spritely were not the adjectives used to describe my teenage self.  After college, I obtained a degree of Masters in Acupuncture from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Tucson.  My studies in acupuncture, Chinese Bodywork (Tui-Na) and cupping therapy began the ascent to heal myself using complimentary medicine with the ultimate goal of helping others.

In 2018, I graduated from California Holistic Institute in SLO, became a California certified massage therapist and opened up shop.  The path that began many years ago in acupuncture school in Arizona finally culminated in me finding my niche. I keep current in my niche with lifelong learning goals in anatomy, muscle movement, neuroscience, massage techniques and more. My passion is resolving chronic pain through bodywork and massage.

I love regular treatments of acupuncture, chiropractic, cupping and bodywork of all types!  Recently, I ventured into Jin Shin Jyutsu that helped me tremendously with tension headaches.  Lastly, emotional and psychological issues that the body stores must be peeled away so the best version of the self can emerge.  My grand plan is to age gracefully, stay super active and be globetrotting.


My goal is to help you break free of your chronic pain cycle and feel better. You can get back to strolling on the beach, hiking that gorgeous trail, walking that steep neighborhood hill, gardening and weeding or taking care of your active grandchildren.


I look forward to our partnership.  Good health to you!

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