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What can I expect?

The session begins with a detailed discussion about your complaint, relevant health history and your goals.  When applicable, I will assess for your posture for imbalances in your pelvis, ankles, knees, shoulders.  We also work to repattern your muscles towards optimizing your posture when sitting, standing and moving.  The techniques you will learn will strengthen your intrinsic core muscles and when practiced will naturally be integrated into your daily life and repattern your body.  A portion of the session includes therapeutic massage, cupping, gua-sha, trigger point techniques stretching, etc.  At times, a session is comprised of only massage and bodywork.

How many sessions do I need?

Generally, you can expect 4-6 sessions to resolve one specific complaint provided you keep up with doing your exercises.


Do I need to fully disrobe?

For assessment of your posture and certain active release techniques, you will be clothed.  The massage portion feels best when you are disrobed and draped modestly with sheets.

Does the massage or cupping hurt?

It should not hurt.  I take your pain to “the edge of good, effective pressure.” Communication is key so if I venture out of your comfort zone and you find it difficult to relax, please tell me. You are in control.

Do you follow safety protocols?

Yes, disinfection takes place after every client. Masks are not required.


Should I keep my appointment if I’m sick?

Contact me to reschedule if you feel sick, experiencing body aches, suspect you have a fever or any related cold, flu or COVID symptoms. 

Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy in effect.


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! I sell e-gift cards.  Text me with that request.


Should I tip?

Tipping is not necessary.


What are your payment options?

I accept payment by cash, check, Venmo, HSA/FSA, debit and credit cards.

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